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Refereeing on the rise in India: Ishiyama Noboru

Posted on : Monday July 06, 2015

By Joseph Solomon,

AIFF Media Team


NEW DELHI: The ongoing FIFA MA Instructor Course which kicked-off on July 02, 2015 at Aero City, New Delhi has provided a platform for the 34 Instructors to hone their Referee assessing skills and get in tune with the Refereeing scenario of the World.


The one of its kind Course is engineered to catalyst the growth of Referee Instructors through various innovative techniques, exercises and Programmes. Speaking exclusively to, Instructor of the above-mentioned Course, Japan’s Ishiyama Noboru expresses that, “such Courses are specifically designed to tutor Teachers of the Refereeing World.”


“The Course acts as a platform where the Instructors can get in tune with the Refereeing scenario of the World. Besides, the Courses also engages the Instructors in various exercises and tests, which are bound to hone their skills.”


“This will also increase the quality of the Instructors, who will further go out into the Country and train budding Referees. The FIFA Courses also teaches them (Instructors) to design sessions for their pupils (Referees) more interactive and engaging,” he adds.


The 34 Instructors attending the FIFA MA Instructors Course are the top cream of the Country. And reflecting upon the participants, Ishiyama states: “The members present are focused and concentrated in their job. They are more than willing to learn and engage actively in the sessions which are conducted. It is great to see the flow of energy in them.”


With Refereeing in India witnessing a massive fillip in recent times one can only fantasize about the products that these Instructors will gift to Indian Football in the coming years.


“The Refereeing scenario is already on the rise and it will improve a lot, given time. The number of FIFA Course that happen now and again are an indication of that rise.”