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Participants go gaga over FIFA MA Asst. Referee Course

Posted on : Friday June 26, 2015

By Joseph Solomon,
AIFF Media Team


NEW DELHI: The ongoing FIFA MA Asst. Referee Course has not only provided a platform to evolve for both young and elite referees in India but has also given them a chance to hone their skills and tune in accordance with the World Refereeing scenario through various exercises.


The Course which kicked-off on Tuesday (June 23, 2015) has been met with great appreciation by the 35 participants. Talking exclusively to, the trio of Arun Pillai, Magho Singh and Samar Pal, each of whom have officiated in Hero I-League, Hero ISL and AFC matches expressed in unison about the evolution achieved through the FIFA Courses.


“There has been a huge change in the Refereeing scenario over the last couple of years. The FIFA Courses are an indication of that. Such Courses are always an education and Referees from all over the Country come to attend the Courses,” Arun Pillai said.


“The FIFA Courses hone our skills and turn us into better Referees. This Course (FIFA MA Asst. Referee Course) has also done just that. We learn each and every day,” he added.


“We have learned various technical inputs through this Course, while also learning about the modern techniques used in Refereeing,” Magho Singh further explained.


“Although the laws of the games are the same, we get clarity on the interpretation and implementation of them through these Courses which is a vital aspect of our profile,” opined Samar Pal.


But what does a young Referee learn from such Courses?


“Just to drench oneself in the atmosphere is a learning experience in itself. I learn each moment and almost every second. Listening to the Instructor and my Seniors have increased my skill,” says a young Nagoor Kani, who is attending the FIFA Course for the first time.


“You learn about technicalities, about minute details which might change your decision or lead you to the right one. You gain immense knowledge. It just boosts your skill to a whole new level.”

Besides being a learning Chapter, the Course has also served as a platform for the 35 Participants to discuss their Refereeing opinions and bring uniformity to their course of action.


“We get to learn so much from each other and that brings a consistency and uniformity to our course of action on the pitch. It helps a lot to talk about problems and then find solutions to it,” Magho stated.


“We have daily discussions about what we have learnt and how we are going to implement them on the pitch. These discussions help to spot our weaknesses and clog them,” asserted Pillai.


The 35 Participants agreed unanimously that the Course has also refreshed their fundamentals of Refereeing while adding another dimension of skill and acumen in their domain.


“It is imperative for Referees to brush up their fundamentals while honing their skills,” concluded Samar.