Disclaimer & Confirmation

I hereby agree to abide by Laws of the Game of Football, constitution of FIFA/AFC/AIFF, rules, regulations, circulars, codes etc. as in force as on date by FIFA, AFC, AIFF and I understand that any breach of above shall attract disciplinary sanction, which may include life ban on any sports related activity in any capacity in Football or elsewhere. I further accept the AIFF Integrity Code as under:-

  1. By virtue of being a registered Match Official with AIFF, I am, as such, an ambassador of AIFF. I shall thus avoid putting myself in a situation that could disparage image and bring disrepute to the game of football.
  2. As a Match Official is expected to conduct himself in a professional manner, both on and off the field, I will refrain from any behaviour or language that is threatening, abusive, obscene or provocative in nature.
  3. I will refrain from discussing in a derogatory manner anyone associated therewith, and/or the footballing fraternity in India (including sponsors, fans or the media).
  4. I will maintain a confidential relationship with AIFF and the role I play. I will observe secrecy in respect of confidential information which might acquire as a result of my being a Match Official.
  5. No payment or offer of (or attempt to offer) any payment of any kind or form or of whatever nature/value shall be received by or be made to the me with the intention to influence the result of any match organised or sanctioned by AIFF, and any such communication received shall be immediately reported to AIFF with out delay. Further, failure to report about such attempt or other evidence to unduly influence the conduct or outcome of any game or competition organized or sanctioned by AIFF shall also be sanctionable.
  6. The Match Official and his family members are forbidden to participate in any way in betting/match fixing organised by any organisation /person/website/ directly or indirectly through any electronic means. He shall also not offer or attempt to offer, receive or attempt to receive any form of dividends (or of whatever nature or value) arising from any form of football-betting on matches organised or sanctioned by AIFF.
  7. As a Match Official I shall not to receive any extra remuneration or excessive allowances on top of my basic TA/DA above the amount specified in the regulation or approved by AIFF.
  8. So long as I remain with AIFF, I am duty bound to refrain from substance (drug) abuse at all times, whether on or off the field. I will submit myself to a dope test and/or a polygraph examination when directed by AIFF in its absolute discretion.
  9. As a match official of AIFF, I shall observe strict confidentiality on all matters pertaining to my role. I shall not directly or indirectly made known to others through postings on facebook, twitter or similar social media about my or my colleagues appointment. Also, nothing shall be posted on such social media which attributes to another colleague’s health status.
  10. I shall use only registered mobile number/s whose details are declared as per entry in RASI.
  11. I shall transact through My Bank Account details as given in RASI.

As an official with AIFF, I understand my responsibilities towards the AIFF and my assigned role. I accept the terms of the above Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics for Match Officials, the breach of which may result in disciplinary action against me, jeopardising my status as a Match Official including but not limited to life ban from all footballing activities, subject to the decision of the AIFF or its committees in accordance with its Rules. And so l have read, understood, accept and sign.