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Overview of the AIFF Grassroots Program:
The AIFF Grassroots program began last year in October 2012 and has been moving very rapidly ever since.


The All India Football Federation Strategic Plan for Grassroots football:


The AIFF has developed a Strategic Plan for Grassroots football in the country, which acts as the overall strategic plan defining the direction of the Grassroots program in the country. In addition, AIFF develops a strategic plan with each State FA which undertakes the AIFF Grassroots program which is in line with the AIFF GR Strategic plan. Each State plan is tailor-made to suit the specific situations and requirements of each State.


A brief look at numbers of the AIFF Grassroots initiatives:



Particulars of activities (in numbers) since October 2012



States and Union territories already having undertaken the AIFF GR program



Number of FIFA Grassroots courses



Number of AIFF Grassroots Courses



Number of AIFF GR Instructors Course



Number of GR festivals across the country (including AFC GR day festivals)



Total number of trained GR leaders across the country

220 plus


Number of States next to undertake the GR program in 2013



The AIFF have developed the following as education tools aiding the education and training of GR leaders in the State and the effective running of the GR program throughout the country:


Current Projects:




Number of Grassroots Courses Conducted: 2 (1 FIFA GR course and 1 AIFF GR course)


Current number of trained GR leaders: 56


Mizoram was the first State to undertake the AIFF GR program. The first FIFA GR course was conducted in Mizoram in October 2008. Mizoram started with a GR centre in Aizawl and since have started Grassroots centres in all districts of Mizoram which is 8 in total. Each of these centres are controlled and administered by the district FA and State FA and the children are trained by GR leaders trained by the FIFA/AIFF GR course.



Mizoram FA have appointed a full-time Development Officer in Mizoram to oversee the program.

In addition to the State FA-district FA run GR centres, each GR leader is encouraged to affiliate his/her GR centre as per the ‘Official affiliation/certification to the State FA GR’ program. As per the plan agreed with the Mizoram FA, minimum of over 200 GR leaders will be trained under the AIFF GR courses in the coming 2 years.


FIFA GR Leaders course in Kalyani:


Number of GR leaders trained: 26

A FIFA Grassroots course was held in Kalyani in November 2012 with participants from 17 States in India. The objective of the course was to educate Grassroots leaders across the various States about the philosophy of Grassroots, so they could go back to their respective State Associations and discuss the implanting of the AIFF GR program in future. The course was successful and has resulted in a good number of State Associations undertaking the program now.


Number of Grassroots Courses conducted: 1 AIFF GR course (February 2013)
Current Number of GR leaders in State: 35

35 Grassroots Leaders are conducting Grassroots centres through schools in Chandigarh in line with the AIFF GR principles. In Chandigarh the best model for participation is through schools. Chandigarh FA is also taking a keen interest in the development of the program. Also shortly the AIFF will be introducing the official affiliation/certification of GR centres in Chandigarh.


Number of Grassroots Courses conducted in State: 1 FIFA GR course (April 2013)Number of AIFF GR Instructors Course in State: 1 (for 15 Instructors held in July 2013)

Current number of trained GR leaders in State:32
Current number of 
The Western India Football Association conducted the FIFA GR course in April this year. In total 30 GR leaders from across Maharashtra attended the GR course.
WIFA have developed an extensive GR program which will roll out from October this year. In total, WIFA have planned to have GR centres in all the districts of Maharashtra beginning in October this year. As per the strategic plan agreed, WIFA will look to train 900-1000 GR leaders across the State in the coming 2 years.
Maharashtra also hosted the first AIFF GR Instructors Course this year in July wherein 15 AIFF GR instructors were trained. These GR instructors can conduct AIFF GR courses under the auspices of WIFA.



Number of GR courses in State: 1 AIFF GR course (May 2013)
Current number of trained GR leaders in State: 32
Manipur conducted the first AIFF GR course in May 2013 which was attended by 30 GR leaders from across the State. Since then 2 Grassroots Centres have started under the auspices of the State FA and district FA in Imphal and Kakching. AMFA will start district GR centres in all 11 districts of the state after the monsoon season. Also all other GR leaders will have to be affiliated to the State FA GR program. As per the plan, over 300 GR leaders will be trained under the AIFF GR courses in the State in the next 2 years.



Number of GR courses in State: 1 AIFF GR course (June 2013)
Current number of trained GR leaders: 37
The AIFF GR course was conducted in Goa in June 2013 and was attended by 35 GR leaders. The Goa Football Association have 11 Grassroots centres run as per the AIFF GR principles
Also the Goa Football Development Council are working in close coordination with the GFA and are also running 6 GR centres in the State.
Goa Football Association have requested for 4 more GR courses between November 2013 and June 2014 which will look to include more school PE teachers. GFA will look to have more than 200 GR leaders in the coming year.

Upcoming Projects:


Kerala, West Bengal and Assam are the next States which have conveyed their interest in undertaking the GR program.

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