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Employment Details

Development Manager

Date : 2018-03-06  2018-03-28

Job Category : AIFF


Job Description


Development Manager:

  1. Oversee the administrative functioning and operations of State Development Officers

  2. Manage and oversee all operations in regard to the AIFF Academy Accreditation Program

  3. Liaise with concerned departments at AIFF HQ and the Development Officers for concerning assignments and tasks at various states.

  4. Manage all finances and related activities including budgeting and financial assessments of the operations carried out at the States under the supervision of the Development Officers

  5. Assess the performance of all Development Officers and prepare reports on the operations carried out.

  6. Provide feedback on the progress of the operations under the supervision of the Development Officers.

  7. Oversee and manage other operations as and when required under the Technical Department at AIFF HQ.

  8. Report to the Head of Administration, Technical Department.


Skill set requirement for the position:

  1. Administrative work experience for 4 years or more in Indian domestic football at either AIFF or State FA or Affiliated Clubs.

  2. Minimum educational qualification of Bachelor’s degree (preferably in Business administration/Sports Management).

  3. Must be proficient in English and Hindi in reading, speaking and writing as part of his/her communication skills.

  4. Must have excellent knowledge of the domestic football structure and its areas of operations in the country (For eg. Coach Education, Grassroots, Youth Development, Leagues & Competitions etc.)

  5. Proficiency in Microsoft Office and other related Software applications on Windows based systems.

  6. Must be able to travel as and when required in various assignments, domestically or internationally.

  7. Must possess excellent man-management skills.

  8. Should be able to multi-task and possess excellent communication skills in terms of dealing with State FAs, Clubs and International MAs and Confederations.


Application Process: Any candidate intending to apply for the advertised job position must submit his/her resume along with a cover letter addressed to Mr. Kushal Das, General Secretary, AIFF stating his/her credentials for the position. Deadline for submission of application is 28th March, 2018. Resume and Cover letters have to sent to aiff@the-aiff.com

Length of Contract: A Development Manager will be offered a contract of 2 years for his services. The contract may be renewed based on his/her performance in the period of appointment.

Location: The Development Manager will be based at AIFF Headquarters in Dwarka, New Delhi.