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Employment Details

ICT Venue Officer

Date : 2017-06-12  2017-06-30

Job Category : FIFA U-17 World Cup LOC



Position: ICT Venue Officer

Area: Operations Department

Reports to: Parmeet Singh Bhatia, ICT and Accreditation Manager, Local Organizing Committee

Place:  Host Cities [Guwahati, Kolkata, Goa and Kochi]

Type of Contract: Conditions to be confirmed by the Organization

Email Application with CV to: opportunities@india2017wc.com

Email Subject: Operations – ICT Venue Officers

Application Deadline: 30 June, 2017



India will host the FIFA U-17 World Cup in 2017. It will be the first time the country?hosts an event from the world football governing body. This is the third most?important event of the FIFA calendar, with 24 countries playing 52 games in 6?venues across India. It has been a key stepping stone in the careers of a large part of?world football stars, among them 16 senior World Champions and will be the most?important event ever to be hosted in Indian football history.

The tournament has a huge worldwide reach, with an estimated global audience?from almost 200 different countries, which is a golden opportunity to show India?throughout the world, its cities, culture and the capability of organizing an event of?the highest standards.

The FIFA U-17 World Cup will have a lasting influence in Indian Football, upgrading?the infrastructure, setting up proper game operations standards and improving the?overall quality of the game. Undoubtedly, the FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017 is?primed to be a game changer for Indian Football.


Job Description:

The ICT Venue Officers will work closely with the Accreditation & ICT Manager to oversee the planning and delivery of Information & Communication Technology for the Local Organising Committee of the FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017 across all facilities and at any ancillary events. The selected candidate is required to develop a clear understanding of all requirements, research products, service providers and available quality specifications for his/her area.

This job description works as a reference of the responsibilities involved in this position. The ICT Venue Officers will work closely with the Accreditation and ICT Manager to oversee the development, implementation, use and decommissioning of IT resources. The candidate must have a broad knowledge of emerging technologies to provide guidance and expertise in aligning the LOC short and long-term IT needs.  

The ICT Venue Officers may be expected to work before or after normal working hours and from different competition locations in order to troubleshoot and address technology problems and to implement software and hardware upgrades and modifications. He/she must work together with internal LOC teams and FIFA IT and any other relevant stakeholders to account for the overall overlay planning, scheduling and delivery for the event.

Main Responsibilities: 

  • To work closely with the Accreditation & ICT Manager in the deployment, monitoring, maintenance, development, upgrade, and support of all IT systems, including PCs, operating systems, telephones, software applications and peripherals. 
  • To ensure that the equipment installed at the venues are up to the specifications.
  • To coordinate with ICT Vendors to ensure that all the IT equipment is in place and in proper working condition.
  • Assist in-house users on all aspects of IT support.
  • To keep track of inventory of all the installed IT equipment in the venue like printer, laptops, computers, etc.
  • To keep track of cartridges for the printers installed in the facilities.
  • To ensure all the networking equipment is installed and properly functioning.   
  • Manage all LOC backups and assist in disaster recovery process.
  • Help develop and maintain IT documentation, processes and procedures.
  • To report the Accreditation and ICT Manager for the installation and decommissioning of all the equipment installed during the event.
  • To coordinate with ICT vendors so that all required details are provided to the Accreditation functional area in the given timeline.


Personnel in Charge:

Will be agreed by the Head of Operations and Accreditation & ICT Manager once this hiring process ends and there is a definite plan for this area.


Candidate Profile:

  • Professional with a minimum 2 years´ experience in the area of ICT in international sports events in India; 
  • Clear understanding of all ICT elements, functionality, limitations and network?architecture;
  • Professional who has previously monitored the performance of different vendors of the industry on specific projects;
  • Person who has an understanding on all troubleshooting of issues that may happen with ICT, mainly PC usage, printers, connectivity hardware and others.;
  • Advance level in Microsoft Office Platforms, particularly Excel, Word and ?PowerPoint;
  • Strong analytical capability; 
  • Proven capability to work calmly under pressure in a team environment; 


This job description works as a reference of the responsibilities involved in this position. It is expected that the employee will execute other reasonable tasks asked by the Tournament or Project Directors.