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Date : 2019-02-27  2019-03-16


Position: Site Engineer

Area: Special Projects & Infrastructure

Reports to: Project Manager and Central Engineer

Place: Kolkata, India

Type of Contract: Open Contract

Last Date of Application: 16th March 2019



All India Football Federation is planning to set up the first ever football campus for the development of Indian national teams along with planning to host mega events. The said campus will be the focal point for the development of the football ecosystem and shall have state of the art facilities for national teams and various other programs to be incorporated including technical education programs.


Job Description:

The Site Engineer will be the on-ground point of contact along with the Facility Manager and will be responsible for overseeing the day to day on-ground progress of the construction of the National Centre of Excellence (NCE) and on-ground liaising with the relevant stakeholders (State Government, Local Authorities, Contractors, Consultants, etc), to ensure implementation of key deliverables and project timelines and; the planning and execution of infrastructure for mega events. The Site Engineer will report to the Project Manager and the Central Engineer, on the daily progress of the department projects.


Main Responsibilities:

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the overall requirements of the department projects.

  • Establish on-ground relationship with all the relevant stakeholders to ensure timely compliance of all infrastructure and regulatory requirements for NCE with respect to the established construction and delivery timelines.

  • Negotiate with different contractors that may be involved in the project, as and when required and directed.

  • Work collaboratively on-ground with the Facility Manager, Special Projects & Infrastructure Central Team, expert consultants, internal stakeholders, etc to achieve timely requirement of the development of the NCE.

  • Assist the Central Engineer to develop designs and plans that are in line with the requirements of the NCE ensuring optimum and efficient utilisation of funds and forecast construction and delivery timelines to comply with overall project timelines.

  • Responsible for day to day on-ground supervision and management of the construction of various phases of NCE and reporting all matters to Central Engineer who reports to Director – Special Projects & Infrastructure to ensure proper implementation of plans and procedures related to construction, infrastructure, regulations, services, utilities, etc are being carried out as per the requirements.

  • Carry out regular on-ground evaluations and prepare & maintain progress reports during the various phases of construction of the NCE.

  • To ensure materials, equipment, etc. being used are as per the specifications and drawings for meeting the requirements of the various phases of construction of the NCE.

  • Responsible for on-ground coordination with local authorities, stakeholders, etc. for adherence/forecasting/communicating any necessary overall and local permissions and licenses to be procured as required and/or as communicated by relevant stakeholders.

  • Support the Project Manager and Central Engineer on the overall execution, design and planning of the NCE and ensure adherence to all policies and procedures as approved by the Director – Special Projects & Infrastructure.

  • Work with the Central Engineer on planning and execution of mega events when required.

  • Responsible for maintaining records and proper documentation including but not limited to the project

  • Ensure that timelines are followed, within scope and within budget

  • Additional duties as may warrant in line with the established scope of work of the department



Key Performance Indicators:

Will be communicated in due time in accordance with the goals established by the Director – Special Projects & Infrastructure for the development of the National Center. The indicators will be calculated on the basis of the preparedness of the facility, AIFF, FIFA & AFC´s satisfaction with the Venue and requirements met in a timely manner.


Candidate Profile:

  • Two to Four years of experience in civil engineering projects.

  • Bachelors/Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering or a combination of relevant academic qualifications experience may be accepted

  • Working knowledge of on-ground construction, supervision & management, facility management and project management.

  • Experience in managing multiple stakeholders, contractors, vendors, etc.

  • Demonstrated ability to work in a fast-paced paced, team-oriented environment

  • Strong organizational skills, time management, communication skills and attention to detail required

  • Strong budget and delivery experience in project planning & management and supervision. Excellent computer knowledge which includes software’s such as CAD, AutoCAD, Coral Draw, Civil 3D or similar,  Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills. Fluency in reading, writing and speaking Hindi and English languages is mandatory and Bengali is a plus.

  • Ability to process a wide range of information and communicate it clearly to the relevant stakeholder. Excellent presentation, listening and consulting skills are vital.

  • Effective leadership and people management skills with an ability to build rapport

  • Ability to remain open to suggestions and not easily intimidated by challenges.

  • Ability to cope effectively with pressure and not easily phased by stress

  • Working experience in construction site operations, supervision and management is a plus

  • Prior experience in liaising with different government organisations is a plus

  • Strong service oriented approach is a must


Please Note:

  1. No relocation expenses will be included in the package

  2. Only those selected for the interview will be contacted.


Please forward your CV to specialprojects@the-aiff.com