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General Secretary

Date : 2019-01-29  2019-03-01

Job Category : Football Delhi

Position: General Secretary
Area: Management
Reports to: President, Football Delhi
Place: New Delhi, India
Type of Employment: Contractual
The General Secretary (GS) is the chief executive of the General Secretariat. The GS main responsibility shall be:
• Implementing decisions passed by the General Body and Executive Committee in compliance with the
President’s directive.
• Prepare the draft budget in consultation with the Treasurer and place the draft budget before the Finance
• Compiling and circulating the minutes for the meetings of the General Body, Executive Committee, Emergency
Committee and Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees.
• Football Delhi’s correspondence.
• Relations with the Member Clubs, Stakeholders and Committees.
• Organizing the General Secretariat.
• The appointment and discipline of Secretariat staff.
• The General Secretary shall appoint the Football Delhi managerial staff on the approval of the President.
• Fostering Football Delhi’s culture and values amongst all staff and across all operations and services
• Ensuring the effective use of resources across administrative functions
• Coordinating development of the strategic plan and budget and the monitoring of implementation and
• Supervising activities across administrative functions including logistics; Human Resources (HR); Information
Technology and Communications (ITC); Competitions, Development, Communications, Procurement; Assets
and Infrastructure management; and the Finance function
• Compliance of internal policies and processes
• Project management as required from time to time
Heads of Departments:

• Finance
• Competitions
• Referees
• Marketing, Media & Communications
• Development
• Administration
• Technical
• Women’s Football
• Provide strong day-to-day leadership presence for administrative functions
• Provide effective management by being actively involved in and developing a broad knowledge of all Football
Delhi functions and services
• Oversee, direct, and organize the work of the finance and operations teams
• Develop and maintain appropriate and relevant internal policies and procedures that will improve the overall
operation and effectiveness of the Football Delhi
• Ensure that internal policies and processes are complied with
• Develop and maintain the Football Delhi annual activity calendar in collaboration with all departments
• Monitor the Football Delhi’s operations ensuring efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness in the delivery of
• Help in collating and producing all monthly heads of department reports for the President
• Assist, support or accompany the President from time to time as required
• Provide secretarial support to all Standing, Judicial and Ad hoc Committees
• Manage operations ensuring efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness in the delivery of services
• Work in coordination with Technical Director of the Association
• Extend administrative and management support to State Teams

• Monitor and report on the execution and progress of the strategic plan and activities
• Coordinate the development of annual operations plan and budget
• Provide strategic support to the President and Executive Committee
• Identify and assess the principal risks of the Football Delhi and develop plans to monitor and manage these
• Plan, develop, and implement strategies for generating resources and/or revenues for the Association
Finance & Risk
• Plan, coordinate, and execute the annual budget process in close collaboration with the Treasurer
• Ensure the Football Delhi has adequate insurance coverage protecting assets, activities, resources and
• Ensure finance department develop and implement financial management handbook across the Association
• Ensure the finance department meets all management reporting requirements to the Finance Committee/
President in a timely manner
• Ensure that procurement and expenditure are compliant with the Association’s internal policies

• Ensure that Football Delhi meets all grant request and acquittal requirements in a timely manner
• Oversee negotiation and administration of all service-level agreements
Assets & Infrastructure
• Ensure that Football Delhi assets and infrastructure are maintained in good working order
• Ensure that Football Delhi assets are safeguarded from loss or damage
• Ensure that Football Delhi assets are identified and maintained in a documented asset register
IT & Communication
• Plan and Ensure all Association IT systems are up-to-date and in good working order
• Plan and ensure the Association’s data is safeguarded from loss, damage or unauthorised access
• Develop, monitor and enforce Information Technology policies and procedures to ensure appropriateness of
systems and effective use of IT assets
• Manage the use, monitoring, maintenance, development, upgrade, and support of all current IT systems,
including hardware, software, peripherals and consumables
Human Resources
• Plan and ensure Football Delhi is appropriately organized and staffed
• Prepare a policy for recruitment and ensure employee performance evaluation are conducted periodically to
monitoring performance, assign accountabilities, set objectives, establish priorities, conduct annual
performance appraisals, and administer salary adjustments
• Promote a culture that reflects the Football Delhi’s values, encourages good performance, and rewards
exemplary performance
• Ensure compliance with established personnel policies and procedures
• Ensure all employees have up-to-date and relevant job descriptions
• Ensure all employees have relevant employment agreements
People Management, Internal Communications & Member Association (Clubs) Management
• Maintain continuous lines of communication, keeping the President informed of all critical issues
• Ensure that all staff comply with policies protecting confidentiality of information
• Communicate regularly with heads of departments and liaise with administrative functions regularly to ensure
effective internal communications and sharing of information across administrative functions
• Communicate timely and regularly with all the affiliated units of Football Delhi and maintains a cordial
relationship with all the clubs
Marketing & Revenue Generation
• Promoting State Association, its competitions, progrmmes and events
• Developing Sponsorship proposals/ prospectus
• Meeting prospective sponsors/ partners to generate sponsorship revenue
• Improve image of the Association and marketing capabilities of the Association and its properties
• Develop marketing strategy in consultation with AIFF and other experts/ consultant
• Plan activities, events and programmes to generate possible commercial revenues
Competition Management
• Develop and maintain the association annual activity calendar in collaboration with all stakeholders and

• Coordinate with facility owners to secure football facilities (stadiums, training venues, etc) for the activities of
Football Delhi
• Extending operational support to all league matches
• Coordinate with Competition Committee in the successful execution of all the competitions

The successful candidate will:
• Be an experienced leader with at least five (5) years in a middle executive-level management position
• Have experience in strategic planning and execution
• Have knowledge and experience in contracting, negotiating, and change management
• Be able to work under pressure
• Have experience in formulating policy, and developing and implementing new procedures
• Have experience in managing multiple department
• Be well-organized and a self-directed individual who is "politically savvy" and a team player
• Be mature and able to relate to people at all levels of the Association and amongst stakeholders
• Have experience in budget development and monitoring
• Have an ability to analyse and interpret financial information
• Have experience in human resource management
• Have experience in having managed Football/Sports projects
• Demonstrate high ethical standards and an appropriate professional image
• Possess and demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills
• Possess an ability to motivate teams and simultaneously manage several projects
• Have appropriate under-graduate qualifications (minimum, post-graduate desirable), preferably in
management or business fields
• Preferably having marketing skills and potential
• Have knowledge of sport, especially football
• Be proficient in the use of MS Office suite, especially Word, Excel and Power Point
• Be able to work independently, pro-actively and have a 'hands-on' approach
• Abide by the Code of Conduct and all organisational policies and procedures
• Abide by expected confidentiality and privacy obligations
• Age Criteria: Preferably below 45 years on the date of application
A probationary period of six (6) months applies to this position.
Last date of applying is 1
st March 2019. Kindly mail your applications along with CVs and proof of relevant experience at info@footballdelhi.com with the subject as “General Secretary Football Delhi”.

Only the shortlisted Candidates will be called for Interview at a Time & Date which will be communicated at the Email ID of the shortlisted applicants.

Football Delhi reserves the right to cancel/reject the vacancy or applications without assigning any reasons.