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Date : 2019-01-25  2019-02-25

Job Category : AIFF

Job Title – Technical Director


Job Description


The Technical Director will report to the AIFF General Secretary and is accountable for the technical development of football in India including the identification, documentation (football curriculum and coach education content) and implementation of consistent football (playing and coaching) philosophy, particularly at the elite level. The Technical Director will work closely with the National Team Coaches, the National Team Director, Head of Coach Education and the General Manager – Strategy and Operations to strengthen and coordinate a structured football development pathway from the beginner to elite level.



  • To report regularly to the AIFF General Secretary and the Technical Committee and work in close cooperation with the National Team Coaches, the National Team Director, Head of Coach Education and the General Manager – Strategy and Operations

  • To ensure that AIFF has a clear technical strategy for the development of football at all levels and to oversee its ongoing review and implementation in line with the overall Strategic vision and goals of AIFF

  • To advise AIFF on technical football matters and document a consistent football (playing and coaching) philosophy and to articulate this into a Football Curriculum document, suitable and adaptable to the local conditions

  • To continuously monitor best practice in technical matters and to communicate this to all football stakeholders including use of latest technology to enhance player performance and coaching.

  • To work with and advise the National Team Director and Head of Coach Education on development programmes for the national team and coaches

  • Participate in planning, budgeting, and organising the Coaching courses in line with the AIFF Strategic Goals. Also act as an instructor for a few courses and mentor other instructors.  

  • Work in consultation with the Head of Coach Education to define a coach licensing system (Pro, A, B, C, D) in line with the criteria set forth by AFC and the Strategic Goals of AIFF

  • Work in consultation with the Head of Coach Education to make sure that clubs use qualified/certified coaches (linked to the AIFF and AFC’s club licensing system)

  • Identify a pool (at least 50) of top Indian coaches and help build strategic partnerships through your network of contacts to assist in higher development of these coaches.

  • Help identify and train top Indian coaches as well as recommend appointments of the women and youth national team coaches

  • Develop and oversee a continuous professional development programme, to include a comprehensive mentoring strategy, for coaches and support staff involved in the national set-up

  • Monitor and evaluate the player and coach performance of the national teams

  • Provide one to one performance reports for all national team coaches

  • Constant communication and cooperation with the Head Coach of the Senior National Team

  • The functional link who leads the coordination between senior and youth coaches ensuring there is knowledge exchange

  • Implement a robust and transparent scouting system for the national teams in cooperation with the National Team Director

  • Prepare the future of national football and work to improve the standard of play in national competitions (senior and youth)

  • Help identify and train talented young players

  • Provide inputs for club competition rules (foreign players, young players, format of the competition, number of teams, etc.)

  • Advise on adapting the forms of organisation of competitions to age categories, time of the season, sporting infrastructure, skill levels, etc.

  • Work in consultation with the National Team Director for the planning, budgeting, and organising of training camps and exposure trip for women and youth national teams including timely preparation and submission of the annual calendar and the ACTC (Annual Calendar for Training and Competition)

  • Encourage the expansion of football and promote the practice of football by as many people as possible (from grassroots to elite for men and women)

  • Encourage and devise plans for expansion of women’s football, beach soccer and futsal

  • To develop the key relationships internally and externally and to communicate effectively at all times with players, coaching staff, clubs, administrators, officials, parents, supporters and the media

  • Promote technical analysis at various levels

  • Study major competitions and organize thematic seminars

  • Produce documents and audiovisual presentations on technical issues

  • Use digital means to enhance the reach of quality teaching material across the country

  • Assist with e-learning programmes and content as required by AIFF to achieve its Strategic Goals

  • Cooperate with the strategy and media team for media content as and when required to promote AIFF, its national teams and the development activities

  • Ensure effective high performance use of the National Centre of Excellence as a base for coach education and elite player development, once ready

  • To perform other duties and responsibilities as reasonably instructed by the General Secretary


Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge


  • Experience in youth and elite football development/management/coaching

  • Experience as a football player (not necessarily at the highest national level)

  • Minimum of AFC/UEFA A license or equivalent

  • Experience of managing individuals and teams

  • Leadership, strategic and networking skills

  • Analytical skills (both concerning the game and the football environment in general): ability to define and develop the technical strategy

  • Organisational capacities that enable him to implement a complex set of programmes nationwide

  • Reports on activities and financial accountability

  • Managerial skills and experience enabling him to coordinate, motivate and supervise the technical staff, including those who don’t work out of the headquarters

  • Experience of mentoring and developing other coaches

  • A dynamic, confident communicator (verbal, written) with the ability to adapt style and approach as and when required

  • Attention to detail and excellent organisation skills

  • Planning and project management skills to ensure quality delivery of various programmes

  • Ability to work in a team environment and to prioritise team objectives over individual objectives

  • Possess an excellent work ethic

  • Sound administrative, organisational and prioritisation skills

  • Willing to work collaboratively within a multi-disciplinary team

  • Highest standards of professional and personal conduct, especially confidentiality, and respect for colleagues

  • Willingness to cooperate and support AIFF’s media and digital requirements

  • Enthusiasm and willingness to be flexible in approach to achieve desired outcomes


Last date of applying is 25th February 2019.

Interested candidates should mail their applications along with CVs and proof of relevant qualification at aiff@the-aiff.com with the subject as “Application for the Post of Technical Director” and also state their expected remuneration. Only shortlisted candidates will be called and they may be asked to make a presentation and/or attend an interview at a time & date which will be communicated at the e-mail ID provided by the shortlisted applicant.


AIFF reserves the right to cancel/reject the vacancy or applications without assigning any reason.